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Red Pill Truth Video About What Women Will Do To Men – WARNING. N-bomb Drops

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Red Pill Truth Video

Im not sure where this red pill truth video originated from, BUT this guy speaks the truth about what women will do to men who have hurt their “feelings”.

Red Pill Truth Video Origin

This red pill truth video comes courtesy of Luimarco Daily, a dude on Facebook who helps spread the truth about the war on men. He also has a YouTube Channel.  Make sure you subscribe to his YT channel and “LIKE” his page to help him get this message out as well.

Below is a transcript of the above video from a true red pill guy who totally understands what women will do to men when their feelings get hurt.

Red Pill Truth Video Description

In this red pill truth video, a female (girlfriend? baby momma?) is video taping him.  It begins by him responding to her “question or statement”. Both drop a multitude of “N-bombs” which I will indicate by (N-bomb). If you don’t know what that means, Google it.

Full Red Pill Truth Video About What Women Will Do To Men.

Him – “…to see how much they can get out yo ass. “

Her – “Just like a (N-bomb)”

Him – “Just like a (N-bomb)?”

Her – “Yeah, just like a (N-bomb).  That means ya’ll are just like babies out here”

Him – “You know what, if thats what you say, thats fine. But let’s talk about what’s been going on sicne the beginning of time. All this shit was fine and dandy till y’all came. 

Oh, you dont know the story? Let me get this out. Everything was fine and dandy if your Spiritual right? Everything was fine and dandy till y’all came. 

Two, y’all all want to call us dogs. (N-bomb), A (N-bomb) will be the loyalist animal on this planet if y’all treat a (N-bomb) right. So that’s a dumbass analogy right there. 

Now, guess what? Are there some real fucked up ass (N-bomb)’s out here? Hell yeah but you know what? If you really want to look at it, bitches will do shit to (N-bomb)s. Like you and me could be in love and if your hurt, you will take it to limits that I won’t. 

As a man, I won’t do some of this shit. Y’all motherfuckers are fucked up. Like, how many (N-bomb)s you know call the police on a bitch? The bitch can beat him up, the bitch can flatten his tires, the bitch can throw bricks threw his God dammned window… all type of shit. fuck the (N-bomb) all type of money. 

How many (N-bomb)s pick up the phone and dial 911 and call the police and get his baby momma or his girlfreind arrested? 

Oh now, let’s put the shoe on the other foot talking how (N-bomb)s think like babies. You can love that (N-bomb) right? That (N-bomb) can be taking care of your kids and everything, but if you feel played in some type of way, in that split second, you will fuck up that man’s life.

Cause guess what? He gonna go to jail, and now it takes money to get him out and Lord, let’s hope his God dammned attendance is up at work, cause Lord forbid he miss one more day or else he lose that $22 per hour job and that’s what your ass just cost him because of you and your “feelings”.

So, really and truly, get your shit right. Cause when you come to talk to me that Im sexist, and I’m not even saying this because Im a man. 

This is just proven facts. Y’all don’t think logically. You all emotional creatures. You let your feelings make your decisions for you. And your feelings will steer you fuckin’ wrong (N-bomb). 

Guess what? If you was the president right? Let me show you why it’s going to be hard for a woman president. Like that day that ?fanny? left that meat out there. You was happy before then. The minute you saw that shit, your whole mood changed, like, I aint got nothing to do with that. But it was like, Fuck Me Too.

So guess what? The minute you feel some type of way, Fuck him (???) Let’s bomb yo ass. Becuase your emotional. So don’t sit here and talk about men and women. It’s the (N-bomb)s that you fuckin attract. 

What you really need to realize, (2xs) is this world is energy. It’s vibes. It’s waves. (N-bomb) the people that come into your life is the motherfuckers you attract into your life.  And that’s why I tell you, you got to change your motherfuckin thought process.

Look at the shit you watch on TV. Do you watch anybody that has no positive relationships and shit like that? No, you watch a bunch of fuckin drama on TV. (N-bomb) you bringing that shit into your life. That’s what comes into your life. 

The eyes are the windows to the Soul. (2xs)  Look at what you constantly watch. Look at what you constantly listen to. And guess what, you can’t say that aint the type of (N-bomb)s you get in your life, cause it’s the same tye of shit you watch on TV.. (nananananana) thats the (N-bomb)s you gonna get. 

Her – “ok, get your ass to bed. Why you looking at me like that?”

Him – “I wanna hear what you have to say. I wanna hear a rebuttle”

Her – “I don’t have a rebuttle”

Him – “yeah, you can’t”

Red Pill Truth Video Conclusion

The bottom line is, even when women are faced with the Red Pill truth, they dismiss it. And though most women know they are full of shit, they will never admit it.

This is more red pill truth video evidence about what women will do to men who hurt thier feelings.

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