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No More Mr Nice Guy Book PDF Advice

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No More Mr Nice Guy Advice

Have you heard of the book, No More Mr Nice Guy? Or maybe Alice Cooper’s song by the same title. Or maybe you’ve spent your life, being a nice guy and could never understand by women would cry to you but then turn around and fuck the biggest assholes in town.

Well, this Red Pill blog post courtesy of the Good Men will open your eyes to how things really are between men and women in the real world for nice guys.

I’m sure as you read our latest mgtow blog post you may find that being a man in 2018 and beyond has become a truly scary and dangerous place to exist in.

Thousands of men (and women) are having their lives completely destroyed by women who know that they can get away with anything that the law allows without consequence of punishment.

The guest post below by Raymond Baxter really drives home the point that men need to stand up and say to the world , No More Mr Nice guy because as the #MeToo feminism movement grows stronger and bolder, the rights of men are being erased.

Please leave your comments below and share this article with the world. The remaining men and women that still have common sense need your support.

Blog Post From the

My friend Mark gave me this book called “No morno more mr nice guyno more mr nice guy bookno more mr nice guye Mr. Nice guy” — it was a book explaining the nice guy syndrome and how to overcome it.

Once upon a time, I felt I held the moral high ground. I agree, it made me feel good about myself that I cared for other people and didn’t want to see anyone left behind regardless of the beliefs they held. I couldn’t understand how the Political right cared […]

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