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Is Divorce Killing Men? The Sad Stats Of Male Suicide

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Is Divorce Killing Men? Here’s The Sad Stats Of Male Suicide

male suicide
Is divorce causing male suicide?

Male suicide rates are at an all-time high. The age-adjusted suicide rate in the United States rose 24 percent from 10.5 to 13.0 per 100,000 population from 1999 through 2014, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

For men facing a divorce or who have gone through the divorce process, male suicide might be seen as a way to remove one’s self from the emotional and financial turmoil of divorce.

Sadly, society of the last 50 years has made men easy targets for women to take advantage of.

Even worse, it’s men who have bowed under feminist pressure to make laws that are completely stacked against men in every area of relationship law (divorce, assault allegations, etc).

The standard joke/advice given to men at any wedding ceremony is

  • “Happy wife, happy life”, 
  • “To avoid conflict, just say YES DEAR” or
  • “There’s 2 rules of marriage. Rule #1 is the wife is always right. Rule #2 is… If the wife is wrong, refer to rule #1”

Male suicide is a silent epidemic across the Western world, write Dan Bilsker and Jennifer White in a strong article in The B.C. Medical Journal.

The Canadian Mental Health Association reports men who get divorced are likely to kill themselves at a rate 3-4 times higher than females. Marital breakdown is often a factor.

“Divorce is a tipping point for a lot of guys,” says Prof. John Oliffe, a University of B.C. psychology researcher who is part of a team fighting male depression and suicide. “Divorce is a classic factor in suicide. These men become socially isolated. There are so many examples of good men’s lives ending prematurely.”

North American men going through divorce are eight times more likely than divorcing women to commit suicide, reports Augustine Kposowa, of the University of California, Riverside.

A ground-breaking examination of 27 different studies of suicide, conducted by the Samaritans organization, confirmed this grim trend is worldwide: “The majority of studies suggest that men are at a greater risk of suicide than women in the aftermath of relationship breakdown.”


There are “terrible consequences of being a divorced man,” says Kposowa. “While social, psychological and personal problems facing women are readily denounced, societal institutions tend to ignore or minimize male problems that are evident in suicide statistics.”

The reasons divorced men — as well as men in other situations — commit suicide much more often relate to shame, loss of identity, loneliness, separation from children, financial pressures, job troubles, gender stereotypes and lack of social support.

Whether society wants to admit this or not, men have always bowed down to women. Men love women and men have always simply wanted to make women happy. Why? Because at the core, men want/need to have sex with women. It’s as ingrained in our DNA as the need to reproduce is ingrained in female DNA.

But in the last 50 years, men have been taught by women that nice guys don’t get laid. As a result, the “bad boy” culture re-emerged that almost all women are attracted to. (& yes, female “bad boy” attraction has been around since the caveman days.)

It’s the female DNA need to reproduce with the strongest male provider to produce the stongest offspring).

Still, even the “baddest of boys” can get burned once the female grows tired of them.

This is the reason more and more men are waking up to the realization that entering into any relationship with a woman is huge financial and personal risk that is no longer worth the payoff (companionship & sex).

“MOST” women who get divorced usually have nothing to lose and everything to gain (alimony, child support, 1/2 of all assets) When any man gets divorced, he is left to fend for himself and endure the massive financial hardships, isolation and loneliness that follows.

I’m all for women having every human right as men but equality will only be a reality once women let go of playing the “victim”, remove their emotions from the situation, take equal responsibility for thier part in all relationships and step up to end the “pay me for my pain” revenge law tactics.

And I also pray that women stand up against those who seek to oppress men and realize that male suicide because of bad relationships is real.



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