brett kavanaugh case Christine Ford opinions

Kavanaugh Case: The Ugly Side of Opinions

Kavanaugh Case: The Ugly Side of Opinions In the ongoing battle of women versus men, Supreme Court nominee, the Brett Kavanaugh case is the latest to be placed under the spotlight. In September 2018, Dr, Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a house party while they were teenagers. Kavanaugh firmly denies […]

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Natasha Aponte Tinder Date Scam

Woman Uses Tinder Dating Scam to Humiliate Hundreds of Men

Woman Uses Tinder Dating Scam to Humiliate Hundreds of Men In another tinder dating scam, a woman identified as Natasha Aponte used the Tinder dating app to invite several hundred men on a simultaneous date in New York City this past Sunday afternoon, leaving her male suitors humiliated by the cruel joke. The dating scam […]

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Red Pill Truth Video

Red Pill Truth Video About What Women Will Do To Men – WARNING. N-bomb Drops

Red Pill Truth Video Im not sure where this red pill truth video originated from, BUT this guy speaks the truth about what women will do to men who have hurt their “feelings”. Red Pill Truth Video Origin This red pill truth video comes courtesy of Luimarco Daily, a dude on Facebook who helps spread […]

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Heaven Help the "Marginally Attractive Man"

Dating Females – Heaven Help the “Marginally Attractive Man”

Let’s face it. We’re dudes and most of us are not the most attractive males. This makes dating females hard for most men. Dating females used to be easy but not anymore. Female dating now is like a chess match for men and red pill men now realize that dating can be dangerous both financially […]

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male suicide

Is Divorce Killing Men? The Sad Stats Of Male Suicide

Is Divorce Killing Men? Here’s The Sad Stats Of Male Suicide Male suicide rates are at an all-time high. The age-adjusted suicide rate in the United States rose 24 percent from 10.5 to 13.0 per 100,000 population from 1999 through 2014, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. For men facing a divorce or […]

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